A b o u t 
Emotion - thought - action - result.
A work of art is an expression of the artist's energy.

Kamilė Varpučianskytė (b.1995) is a contemporary artist living and working in Kaunas, Lithuania.

B. A., Design, J. Vienozinskis art faculty, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania, 2017

When I create art, my emotions, thoughts and the actions of the environment are concentrated in it. I believe that giving your artwork to someone is like exchanging energy, that is why most of the time I create in a joyful mood, like to use vibrant colors. Both in creativity and in my environment, subtlety, aesthetics, harmony are the most important to me. A distinguish feature of my work is that I create art on wood panels by integrating other wood or iron elements to make it sculptural in a way. I like the feeling of wood, the naturalness, how the paint highlights the wood threads. The wood gives warmth, playfulness. I am an empath, so my work is inspired by the sensations of the environment and my emotional development as a person.